Monday, March 9, 2015

Be Prepared!

 "To Be Prepared is Half the Victory" Miguel De Cervantes, Spanish Novelist

I'm one of those people that pack weeks in advance..I like to be prepared and most would probably say "over-prepared", but what the hell..its how I am! Since I started back to tying, it was with a trip on my radar. I leave to fish the Everglades in 2 weeks for your regular inshore species and my favorite fish, Tarpon. Most likely this time of year I will only encounter juveniles but if luck will have it I will have some shots at larger fish as well. In past years Ive encountered fish anywhere from a pound up to over 100. 

I try and keep the amount I take reasonable but...I have a hard time with that lol. I tie I make sure I have a ton of options. And with guides, I almost always sell them some or leave them some as "samples" of what I can do. 

Here is part of my growing collection of stuff heading with me. The Cliff Bugger Beast is the yellow fly box. In that box I keep all of my shrimp flies and non EP baitfish. The Cliff Crab Shack on the top left..obviously gets my crab patterns (toads, etc). Finally I have 2 bugger barns that come with me (one not pictured). In the one pictured I keep all my clousers and small baitfish, glass minnows, mackerel flies. The other bugger barn is all my top water stuff. You can also see here my leaders in my fancy homemade packaging, one of my reels (Allen Alpha II) and my omni-spool. Omni-spool is a great tool to switch out lines quickly AND with their "clean-box" it makes quick work of cleaning lines Ill be bringing two reels with me on this trip. One with the Bruce Chard Custom Taper Scientific Angler floating line and the other with Airflo Tropical Tarpon Sniper intermediate line on it. The omi-spool carries SA Coastal Express full sink line in case I need it. 

Here are the beginnings of what I call my EP army. Plenty more to come when my white fiber comes in this week.I need to tie a whole lot more of the olive/white varieties and some additional pinfish patterns. I cannot take credit for the bottom two as they were purchased from Pat Cohen. They are on shanks and swim like you wouldn't believe. If you tie flies or buy surely have seen Pat Cohen's work  ( Its actually the first flies I have purchase in MANY that's a testament to the amazing tyer he is. 

Had some time at the vise this weekend thankfully. Took a couple snapshots to share. These are "Snook Snacks" as made popular by the guys at Fly Fish Food ( Cool pattern and some color varieties I thought would suit my needs. If you like the pattern, head over to the site and check out the tying video. 

Lastly..I tied up Enrico Puglisi's Tarpon Crab. This is a cool fly and I think it will work great. Different technique with this one then most of his flies. You actually sort of "stack" the body/ reverse tie the fibers? Kind of hard to explain..but it isn't done with a brush like some may think. Either way this is tied on a stout 1/0 hook and will see some time in the water. 

As always..feel free to comment, ask questions, make requests. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, keep the flies coming. 

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  1. You're right about being prepared and buying flies from Pat. Being a tier like you, I don't usually buy flies but after seeing the flies Pat sells and his reasonable prices, I had to buy some. I bought mostly deer hair bugs but haven't had a chance to fish them yet; yes I will fish them. I bought two of each I ordered so that I could fish one and have one for my collection.