Monday, March 18, 2013

About time for another SBS

Early season Pike on my mind so I started thinking of some ideas. Below is what I came up with.. Its unnamed currently but I am really looking forward to fishing it. Its premise was the hook, feather, flash idea of the hangtime minnow with the head style of my double down musky fly. Now for the results..

Hook-Mustad 34007 5/0
Thread-Kevlar, Natural Color
Bucktail, Black and Purple
Saddle Hackle, Purple
Flashabou, Black and Purple
Krystal Flash, Black
Arctic Fox, Black
Senyo's Laser Dub, Black
Deer Creek Gator Eyez
Deer Creek Diamond Thin

Mount Hook and Start Thread Base
Cut and clean clump of bucktail from the bottom of the hide. Place on hook, tie on tightly and allow it spin around shank. Once covering shank, tie down tightly and add a dab of superglue
Cut 10-15 strands of black flashabou. Tie in at about the 6" mark and fold the tag ends back over itself

Select long saddle hackles and tie in allow them to ride along the top of the bucktail
Cut another clump of bucktail, clean, and tie in reverse style. A dab of glue at this point wont hurt!
I use a pen body or a big washer to help reverse the bucktail
Tie down tightly and add a drop of glue
Tie on 15-20 strands of purple flashbou the same way as you did the black. About 6" long and doubled over itself
Tie in two more long purple saddle hackle

Cut a small clump of black bucktail, clean it, and reverse tie it in
Take 10-15 pieces of Krystal flash and tie in the same way as flashabou above

Reverse tie another small clump of black bucktail

Reverse tie a clump of purple bucktail

3xl Arctic Fox

Cut small clumps of fox hair, trim ends, and beginning tying it around the shank. It doesn't take much fox to get a lot of bulk so be wise to how much you use. 

Keep building up the fox hair head

Pull out a small clump of laser dub. Pull it apart a couple times and roll it into a shape similar to this.
Tie pieces of laser dub like shown above on each side of the shank and top and bottom. Tie it in on the middle of the laser dub piece like pictured. Do not double over until all four sides are tied on. Sorry if this is confusing, hard to explain in words. 
Reverse the laser dub back on itself. Form a head and hit it with Deer Creek Diamond Hard
With an old toothbrush brush out the head and attach eyes with goop

Dont be afraid to try more colors!

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  1. I like it.