Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Craft Fur Minnow/Baitfish SBS!!

Alright followers, lingerers, friends, etc.. Per request here is a Step by Step (SBS) of a craft fur baitfish I've been tying up lately. Now I have seen pictures of similar flies but never a SBS so this is just how I tied it.. Is it the "right" way? Who knows.. To me fly tying is an art and you are free to interpret how you choose. It turns out pretty cool and there is a multitude of color combo's you could do. If you have any questions or if you would like to see another SBS let me know! Thanks for looking! Ben

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Gamakatsu SC15 1/0
6/0 Thread (color dependent on what color craft fur you use)
Extra Select Craft Fur (colors of your choosing)
Big Fly Thread Fire Orange (for gills) optional
3/D Eyes

Thread and Hook
Craft Fur for this SBS
Start thread just behind the hook point
Cut a large clump of extra select craft fur (bottom color of choice) off the "hide". Pull out the small hair and fuzz and clip the bottom clean. Tie in on top of hook shank. 
Cut a large clump of extra select craft fur (top color of choice) off the "hide". Pull out the small hair and fuzz and clip the bottom clean. Tie in on top of hook shank directly on top of the first bunch of craft fur.

Move thread forward. Clip another large clump of your bottom colored craft fur. This time tie it on the the bottom of the hook shank reverse style (butts first). Do not fold it back yet.

Tie in top color of craft fur reverse style using the same tie in point.

Use an empty ball point pen tube or something similar to put over the eye of the hook and "reverse" the fibers. 

Pull the pen tube off and tie off the craft fur as shown above.
Move thread forward and once again tie in bottom color reverse style. As a reminder always pull out the short and fuzzy stuff after cutting the craft fur off the "hide".
Add top color reverse style
Again use pen tube or similar to "reverse" the craft fur

Tie off once again, whip finish, and head cement.

Thread bobbin with Fire Orange Big Fly Thread for gills
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Tie in big fly thread. As much as you'd like. I prefer about a 1/4" of the head as shown. I think it shows like gills
This step is also optional. Mark baitfish however you choose.
Use whatever UV glue you choose for the head. You could also use 2 part epoxy, goop, or whatever you like. Place the eyes and carefully cover the head. Take your time so you do not get too far back onto the craft fur.
Top View
When the fly is finished and not wet it doesn't look all that great (to me at least). While dry I trim the stray fibers and then run it under water. If the profile is how you like it..leave it alone! 

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