Monday, March 26, 2012

Hangtime Optic Minnow

This is my effort at tying Brad Bohen's "hangtime optic minnow" musky fly. AWESOME fly, great video Clear Cure Goo posted of Brad tying it. I couldn't help myself and had to give it a whirl. Had a lot of fun tying it and looking forward to putting it in front of some Musky. My SBS pales in comparison to his video, but I figured Id document what materials I used since I did not have everything in his pattern. Enjoy.

Hook: Daiichi 2546-6/0
Thread: Uni Big Fly thread Fire Orange
Tail: Chatreuese Bucktail
Flash Set 1: Pearl Flashabou
Reverse Bucktail Set 1: Chartreuse
Hackle Set 1: Saddle Hackle Orange
Reverse Bucktail Set 2: Yellow
Flash Set 2: H20 Flash Red
Hackle Set 2: Saddle Hackle Orange
Flash Set 3: Pearl Krystal Flash
Reverse Bucktail Set 3: Black
Eyes: Prism 3/8" Pearl
Clear Cure Goo Thick 

Here is a link to the video:

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