Friday, March 6, 2015

Im on a Roll!!

Two posts in  a few days? I'm on a roll. As I prepare for my annual excursion down to Florida, I am going nuts with one of my favorite materials... EP Fibers. Enrico Puglisi's in constantly coming up with new products, new brushes, new colors, etc. I just love tying with the stuff and most importantly the fish just love to eat it. I'm not going to lie..for the first month or so working with EP i struggled. After becoming a member of his site, his tying videos really helped as I learned material amount and different tying techniques. 

Here are a bunch of EP flies I tied up for the mangroves. They are all color patterns featured on the EP website ( and Im sure they will do great. Each one of these is finished off with the only tack free UV resin on the market, Deer Creek Diamond Hard/Fine ( You can find it stateside at Caster's Online Fly Shop and now Feathercraft.  

I'm going to try and start designing some "new" color patterns this weekend. Work with what I know and styles I've seen. We will see how "innovative" I end up feeling lol. 

As always..feel free to comment or ask questions. 

Mangrove Baitfish

Finger Mullet

Finger Mullet Profile. The mullet is more "cylindrical" rather then flat, so you want to make sure to tie it with a thicker profile then other baitfish styles. 

Oscar EP Pattern. This one actually has 4 different colors of EP. Not really any more challenging then 2 or 3 colors. 

Everglades Special. Probably my favorite of all the color patterns. If you haven't fished these (salt or freshwater) you need to. Should be a staple in everyone's' box. 


  1. Nice ties Ben! I like the mullet with the round cross section. Not much inovating you can do unless maybe you start incorporating some natural materials - I'm thinking a couple grizzley saddles off the tail with a veil of EP would be nice and eliminate need to use marker and be more permanent.
    Do you measure out your materials ahead of time or just take a clump out as you tie?
    Down here for the redfish when sight casting water 3 - 4ft. that mullet would be great with some large SS bead eyes are barbells; you could probably still glue the 2d eyes to the ends of the barbells and material or use some of those eyes that come with resin colored eyes/pupils.

  2. I agree Kirk..hard to innovate. Only thing I was thinking was some additional color patterns. Trying more flies with more then 2 colors. I do not measure out my materials ahead of time. I tried at one point but ended up making a mess of the whole thing. The finger mullet as it stands gets fished on fast intermediate line for a suspended bait fish or sink tip/full sink for deeper. I like your idea of small barbells with eyes over the top. May give that a shot this weekend! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Not sure if Enrico shares this on his videos but I got to watch Enrico tie at a local fly shop and he had a piece of velcro stuck to his vise base and would stick all the fibers for one minnow there. I did similar at home but stuck the velcro to a narrow piece of luan and just clamp it to the desk with my vise's C clamp. Works great to keep those fibers from drifting around the desk.