Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Back to the Basics

I don't know if other fly tyers are like me or not..but sometimes I find myself avoiding simple flies. I guess avoiding isn't the word, but It seems I like to tie more drawn out flies these days. Not sure whether it is to test myself on new techniques or just evolving as a fly tyer.

In any case, last night I did just that, I went back to the basics. Why, some may ask? Well because the flies work. They are tried and true. Simple as that. 

Here are some pictures along with a set of franken-shrimp that I call one of my "original" patterns. I put original in quotes because its difficult for me to say i was actually the first. Its a modified clouser pattern I've been tying up for years. Talking about flies that work..this one does. Freshwater and Saltwater. My good fly tying friend Paul Beel runs the site Franken Fly and this happen to be a pattern I developed when Paul asked me for a SBS of the saltwater variety. Here is a link to the SBS for it and to Paul's site. Make sure you favorite his site. Its one of the best out there.

These are the frankenshrimp. Between the body material I used and the silver flash these should almost be translucent in the water. I was real happy with these when I got done with them and am expecting them to work real good. 

Your basic clouser minnow or . Ive heard this color pattern called a couple different things..tutti fruitti, electric chicken..etc. It works pretty well in the right conditions. Last time I used one I caught a bunch of good sized speckled trout in the Pine Island Sound.

The above two color patterns are both ones I saw on google images. I thought they looked good so I tied a few up. The brown and copper should easily entice a redfish. 

Lastly all white with lots of flash. Kind of going for a glass minnow type fly. The translucent material on these will look pretty cool in the water

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