Friday, March 13, 2015

More EP Flies and Something a Little Different

Sat down at the vise last night for some relaxation and kicked out a few more flies for my upcoming fishing trip (because the 100 or so flies I have already aren't enough lol). Some more EP and something a little different for a change. 

This is an Enrico Puglisi pattern he calls the Bronzino. From what I gathered he originally tied this fly as a sand eel type pattern for Striped Bass on the East Coast of the U.S. where he lives. However, he mentions on his site using it for Tarpon and other species. I thought about it..and love tying new patterns so gave them a shot. I tied them in southwest Florida color combinations. Really looking forward to seeing how they perform. 

Low and behold another EP pattern (can you tell I believe in his flies). I posted a all black version of this fly last week. Its the Baby Tarpon crab. I tied this in a color combo I liked.. Tan Rabbit strip claws, copper flash, and EP 3D Everglades blend for the body. The body is tied in a "stacking" method similar to what you may do with deer hair. Not real complicated and they look pretty good. 

This fly is one that's a little different from what i usually tying. Mostly because its "small." I usually tie 1/0 and up for the most part and this is a size 4 Gamakatsu SL45. Probably one of my all time favorite hooks for Carp. I think they are seriously strong and a great shape. In any case, this is a fly called a Corbina Candy. It used primarily on the west coast for Corbina (never guessed that, eh?). I'm gonna use it if I come across pompano..and now that I thought about probably in the summer for Carp! 

This weekend is the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo up here in Southeastern Michigan. Its probably the biggest gathering of us fly chuckers in the area that's for sure. Rod and reel demos, try out new lines, buy all sorts of stuff..its gonna be awesome. Looking forward to seeing my fly tying friends and guides. If you're going to be there, send me a message. Id be glad to meet you. 

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