Monday, February 18, 2013

Shrimp Cocktail?

At the vise on this fine presidents day evening I went to work on production style tying. Not nearly as many as some commercial guys do but I knocked out a dozen to be shipped out this week. In the past I would tie each fly one by one, so this time I tried a different method that I know some commercial tyers do. Do one to a couple major steps at a time on each fly and then move onto the next step. I actually liked it a lot. Kept my area cleaner and I felt I tied better flies since I concentrated on one step. 

The fly I was tying was my Franken Shrimp. Originally, I produced the fly for an excellent website called Franken Fly. The site can be found here Its a site that deserves a bookmark and an everyday visit. The franken shrimp was a featured article on Franken Fly where an SBS was offered. You can find that here:

Another cool thing I did with the Franken Shrimp fly was contact Custom Fly Art for a commissioned painting. When time allows I will post a full review on this, but in short Matthew was AWESOME to work with. He makes a digital painting of your fly pattern using a multitude of techniques. This makes for a super sweet picture for the tying bench. Visit his site here: Here is how it turned out!

Now onto the original reason for the post.. Here are some pics from my night of "production" tying a variant of the SBS I linked to above.

Beadchain eyes tied on and glued down

Arctic Fox "tail" and Krystal Flash

Shrimp eyes tied in and super-glued

Body wrapped, Hackle Palmered, and Rubber Legs added

The "Master" at Work!

Deer hair wing and Finishing

Heads coated with Deer Creek Thin UV Epoxy (found here

Inspiration for the Night (if you like hops this is a must have)

That's all for now..


  1. Great work! Whenever I tie flies that include bead heads or lead eyes I generally affix them first all at once, but have never tried breaking an entire fly down step by step to do in bulk. I really like the concept and it looks as if it works great!

    1. Thanks Patrick! It worked out very well and I recommend giving it a shot.