Monday, July 16, 2012

Update and Fly Tying Material Reviews

Well I decided not to build a furling jig this past weekend. I'm going to do some more reading and try to get a better understanding of the leaders. It may be a fall/winter project for me when it is more comfortable to work on it outside. With the heat lately being in my garage working with wood is not on the agenda. Its quite sticky and just isn't my idea of a good time!

I have been tying, although I haven't taken many photos. I really need to catch up on my pictures and get some stuff loaded up. I have gotten a chance to mess with some new products (to me) that I really enjoy.

Senyo's Laser Dub (sometimes called Laser Yarn): This stuff is probably one of my top 5 fly tying materials as of right now. I was first turned on to this from the "Carolina Fly's" pattern, the "Wedding Veil". It was my first time seeing the material and I liked the pattern so I bought it. It is 3/4"-1" acrylic fiber mixed with ice dub. Its got a great "glistening" quality to it and really easy to work with. Colors range from bright "steelhead" colors down to your naturals (black, olive, white, minnow belly) which will help you kick out some badass streamers. It runs about $2.50 a bag so its not too expensive. The only issue I have is I wish I could get it in larger quantities because I use so much! So when you have a moment, check it out tie up some flies.

Clear Cure Goo Fleck: Ahh UV Resin... These resins have made tying some flies so much more of a pleasure now that I don't have to mess with drying times, wheels, etc. I have been using the Thick and Thin CCG for a while now and decided recently to give the Fleck a try. I have been using it on some small mouth poppers and LOVE it. Its kind of a happy medium between the Thick and Thin CCG and has just enough "specks" of glitter in it. Gives the popper so flash and a great look. 

Palmer Chenille: This isn't a "new" product by any means.. However, it is new to me. Its a one sided chenille that works great as intermediate (between portions of the fly) or even as a body material. Palmers great, add a lot of flash, and some good color. Price is right and it can be used in some many ways. I bought it specifically for the "Ghetto Tramp" musky fly developed by Nick Granato. Check it out

EP Sparkle Brush: This is another material I got turned on to from "Carolina Fly". Its not cheap but its pretty awesome. Its basically a flash-a-bou dubbing brush that has fibers about 1 1/2" on each side of the brush. Adds a tremendous amount of flash quickly and clean. 

Thats all for now! Get out there and fish!

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