Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Musky Mania

The Michigan opener for Musky is this coming Saturday so I have been tying up a whole bunch of Musky flies. I wont be able to get out this weekend, but I'm hoping to give it a whirl soon. 

In the pictures you will notice my new hat from Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters (www.chifly.com). I finally got a chance to visit the store for the first time after placing MANY orders over the past year. If you find yourself in the Chicago area, do yourself a favor and GO here. Awesome store and equally awesome staff.. Cant wait to go back! Enjoy the pics. If you have any questions..ASK!!

I call this one the Finn-Icky


Nick Granato "Ghetto Tramp" Variant

Haven't thought of a name for this one..



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