Friday, May 25, 2012


After another little hiatus I am back and hopefully will be posting more and more. When I started this blog I had every intention of doing some sort of post everyday. Unfortunately, reality set in and I just haven't found the time.   Well I am back at it, and hopefully will pick up the pace with posting.

My season in Michigan started about 6 weeks back. I spent a 6 hour day with Guide Mike Bachelder from Bob Linsenman's Au Sable Angler ( fly Fishing the AuSable River. We were streamer fishing for Brown's as it was still the beginning of the season. Just as I went up to fish the temps went from the 70s down to the 30s. Of course this meant fishing was tough. Didn't up catching anything but got a good work out casting sinking line all day and pulling big streamers. Mike is a stand up guy and I recommend him to everyone. I have fished with him several times and have plans to do a small mouth trip in the summer with him. He is very patient and works hard to put you on fish. Cant ask for more!

My "warmwater" season started (for me) the first weekend in May. One of my closest friends and fishing partners is overseas for the next year for working in Qatar so Im sad to say we wont be fishing together this season unless I make a trip to fish the Persian Gulf. Luckily my step brother decided to spend the summer home from Michigan Tech so I have adopted him as my new fishing partner. I got him set up with a rod and all my spinning tackle and in no time he is out fishing me with my own gear. To be honest though, I dont mind. Its almost a guide feeling being able to set him up, show him some things, and get him on some fish. Anytime we go out and catch something it is a win. We have fished the same inland lake for the last few weekends. We have been on the Pike and the Largemouth are slowly coming off their beds and taking flies/lures. Last weekend, we were out Saturday and did pretty well. Ended up with 5 pike and 3 largemouth. When we were out I noticed carp were spawning so the next day I grabbed my bow and we headed out. Ended up with 5 carp. One was 17 lbs and the others were a bit smaller. First go at it this year, so I was a little rusty with probably 100 misses throughout the day. John, my stepbrother, did good. It was his first time out bowfishing and he arrowed a fish on his 15th shot or so. Here are some pics of the season so far. 

*Note: So far I have been exclusively fishing the whitewater clouser (in previous post archive). Has done well so no reason to change!

Whitewater Clouser

John with the first LM of the Season

Me with my first LM of the Season

This is an Allen Alpha II reel. LOVE IT.

John with a Nice Pike

First Carp of the Year

Biggest Carp of the Year.. so far

I'm also very excited to get my very first custom rod. Been working with Steve at Midwest Custom Fly Rods to get going on a new 9 wt to match my Allen Alpha II. Should get it in a week to two weeks. Looking forward to posting some pictures. If you are looking for a custom rod, contact Steve. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

So thats the update so far. In a couple of hours I am heading to Chicago, IL for the holiday weekend with friends. I am looking forward to finally visiting the fly shop that has been one of my main suppliers of fly tying and fly fishing stuff for the last year. Hopefully, Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters is ready to show me around ( Will be posting upon my return Monday and hopefully showing off some new gear..

And of course gotta show a pic of my truck and my obsession of decals!

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