Friday, March 9, 2012

Video Review: Off the Grid

I recently purchased the fly fishing movie Off the Grid. You can check out the trailer for it here:

If I was Rodger or Ebert I would have to say two thumbs up. And if I had more thumbs they would also be up. Off the Grid covers fly fishing, including spey, all over the place. I dont remember all of the places but I do remember a few.

Steelhead in North Ohio
Salmon in British Columbia
Redfish in Louisiana
Tarpon/Permit in Mexico

This DVD was great for me for a couple reasons. I live in MI so naturally I fish trout, salmon, steelies, and other freshwater fish which were covered in the movie. And if you cant tell from a lot of my posts my real passion is saltwater which is also covered in the movie. So its a perfect set-up for me since it isn't just dedicated to freshwater or saltwater. In addition to the main film there are some other videos on the DVD. A couple that are about 10 min each and a bunch of "shorts" on a variety of fish types.

I'm not a film expert but the camera work was great. Some very cool action shots mixed in with some great stories and scenery. It reminded me of Warren Miller films. If you aren't a skiing buff, Warren Miller movies are arguably the best Skiing movies year after year.

So.. If you are looking for something to watch on a rainy or snowy day I recommend picking up this movie. Definitely gets you excited for fishing.

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