Friday, March 16, 2012

Its been a while!!

Sorry its been so long since I posted! This past weekend I spent entirely at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo. Met some very cool people, to name a few (there were so many..):

Dr. Aaron Adams-Bonefish Tarpon Trust; Sat through a couple of his seminars and was able to have a good conversation with him. VERY knowledeable and super nice guy.

Cameron Mortensen-The Fiberglass Manifesto; Talked with Cameron at length, bought some sweet decals, and was inspired to find myself a new fiberglass rod (fenwick 6 weight). VERY good blog, I suggest checking it out.

Eli Berant- Great Lakes Fly; Also talked with Eli at length. Local guy (to my location) and ties some real innovative and AWESOME flies. Again.. very nice guy and spent lots of time answering my multitude of questions on tying his big flies. Hoping to get the chance to get a line wet with him and maybe learn the ropes for big musky. Go to his site, pick up some flies if you so choose and I promise you wont be disappointed.

Brian (sorry forgot his last name) from The Northern Angler Fly Shop; You meet some people that you hit it off with right away and Brian is one of them. He helped me tremendously picking out a new rod to match my new reel. Got a new rod, a hat, and a bunch of other stuff from them. If you are ever in Traverse City stop by and see them. I will be fishing Carp with them in June and looking forward to a great time. Their "carp on the flats" is actually in the movie "Off the Grid" so check it out.

One more "shout-out". Allen fly fishing company The owner of the company was at the show along with AJ whom was "repping" the product as a fisherman. AJ was a great help along with the owner. I now have a new 9/10 weight reel and a nice Allen fly rod. You CANT beat the price. Also, check out their hooks. I have a bunch from the show and used them on the following flies I tied up last night.

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