Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pheasant Crab SBS (Crabapple Crab)

Its truly been ages since I updated this blog. My apologies if you are a follower, but life happens! In any case, this step by step is a fly that I believe is called a "Crabapple". Its a crab pattern, however, I'm sure freshwater bass would be all over it. In any case, enjoy! Any questions feel free to ask. 


Hook- SP11 3L3H Gamakatsu Size 2
Tail- Arctic Fox Brown
Body- Ice Dub Rust Brown
Eyes-Mono Eyes
Collar- Brown Schlappen
Hackle- Pheasant Rump Feathers
Shell- Pheasant Church Window Feathers

Step 1:

Mount hook securely in vise and begin thread. 

Step 2:

Cut clump of brown arctic fox off the hide. Remove underfur and tape hair a bit. Measure for size (about 1.5 times the hook length) tie down and trim. 

Step 3:

Create a ball of ice dub over the tie in point of the arctic fox. This will serve as a mounting point for the mono eyes

Step 4:

Prepare the mono eyes. I use pliers to flatten the mono out. It helps reduce bulk but also adds some strength tying it along the whole shank. After tying them in use some superglue or head cement to help secure them.

Step 5:

Create a collar by palmering a schlappen feather behind the ball of ice dub. 

Step 6:

Prepare the feathers for the claws. I use the large church window feathers. Remove the webby base, clip off the tip of the feather and remove some of the hackle as shown below. Next coat the feathers with UV resin then use your fingers to shape. 

Step 7:

Rotate hook in vise and mount the claws. Secure tightly and superglue/head cement. 

Step 8:

Prepare pheasant rump feather by removing webby base. Tie in by the tip. Dub about half the body, palmer the hackle through the ice dub. Move thread forward tie on lead eyes and reverse thread back to the ice dub. 

Step 9:

Prepare and tie in another pheasant rump feather. Dub till just behind the lead eyes, plamer the rump feather forward and secure. 

Step 10:

Rotate hook in vise. Prepare 3 church window feathers by removing the webby base. First tie one slightly to the right of the hook, then one slightly to the left. Finally tie the third over the center. Whip finish and finish the head with UV epoxy. 

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