Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Keep on tying

So I often read around on the web and find flies I like and want to try so I either "favorite" it or simply copy and save the picture of the fly. Then when I am having tyers block I go to my folder and find one to tie. Tonight was one of those nights. Ended up tying a few and making a quick SBS. Hope you find it interesting and useful!

First Ill show you the SBS. Not sure the name of this fly or its origin (since I tied from a picture) but I think it will work pretty well for the salty species and warmwater fish. I changed a couple little things from the original picture to suit my "wants" of course :-)

Hook- Owner SSW All-Purpose Bait Hook 1/0
Thread- UniThread 6/0 White
Hackle- Whiting American Rooster Saddle
Body- Pearl Sparkle Braid
Wing- White Bucktail
Head Coating- Fire Red Thread Coated with CCG Thick

Step 1: Start your hook in the vise. (Admire the sharpness.. Gotta love owner hooks)

Step 2: Start your thread just behind the point of the hook.

Step 3:  Gather 4 hackle and trim them to the length desired. On this fly I had them extend about 1 1/2"-2" rearward. I do not strip in barbules from the feather when tying them in, just leave it be and tie it down. Add a drop of superglue to hold them in place.
Step 4: Tie in a small piece of pearl sparkle braid or body of your choice. Palmer 4-5 turns tie off and trim excess.

Step 5: Cut a sparse bunch of white bucktail, measure for size (mine extend almost as long as the hackle) and cut. Tie in loosely and when in proper position use your thumb and forefinger to roll it around the shank. Once spread around the shank tie down tightly.

Step 6: Begin shaping the head with thread wraps. Switching to flat waxed daneville will speed up the process but I used what I had already been tying with. 


Step 7: Optional. Tie a couple turns of fire orange thread and coat with CCG.

ALL DONE!! Simple and looks like it'll catch em'

Here are some others I tied tonight as well. If you want a SBS on any fly, as always, just let me know!

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