Monday, March 5, 2012

CCG Hard Body Ant SBS

After tying a bunch of Mickey Finns for I decided I needed another project, so I went for a 100 more. Here is a batch of hard bodied ants I tied up this past weekend. Turned out pretty good!


Hook: Nymph/Wet Size 12 (down eye, 2x heavy, 1x long, sproat bend)
Thread: 8/0 Black
Body: 1.5 mm craft foam (red and black or whatever color you choose)
Epoxy: Clear cure goo thin covered with hard as nails
Wing: Whiting 100 Dry Fly Hackle

Step 1: Begin thread behind eye of hook, work back to bend, and forward again to approx. the hook  point.

Step 2: Tie in craft foam beginning just in front of the hook point. Work the thread back and then forward again. NOTE: Be gentle. The thread can actually cut right through the foam. The craft foam should be about as thick as the hook gap or slightly smaller. 

Step 3: Palmer craft foam around hook shank. Wrap tight, but be cautious because you can rip the foam easily. After a couple you will get the hang of it. Once lower ant portion is how you like it tie off and work thread forward to just behind hook eye.

Step 4: Tie in black craft foam at hook eye and work thread back till 3/4 mark and forward again. 

Step 5: Palmer black craft foam forward towards hook eye to form front portion of the ant. Tie off foam and whip finish.

Step 6: Prepare clear cure goo thin or whatever epoxy you choose. I choose to put epoxy on a scrap piece of foam and apply to the fly with the bodkin. Seems I can control it better for this particular size fly. 

Step7: Begin applying CCG to ant with bodkin or however you like. The foam seems to absorb a little so it takes a little bit more then you may think. When you have the shape you would like for the ant move on to the next step. 

Step 8: Hit the CCG covered ant with the UV light for 10-15 seconds. After CCG is cure top coat with sally hanson's hard as nails or clean off with alcohol to remove the tack from the CCG (unless of course you are using tack free)

Step 9: Begin thread once again in the middle of the ant. Tie in a hackle piece and palmer forward 3-4 turns. Whip finish and you are complete. 


I tied these ants in stages because I was make 100 of them. It went very quickly this way.

You could also make winged or flying ants if you'd like. 

I think I need some ant traps!!


  1. Good day!
    I liked your SBS!
    Whether you to me allow to make translation into Russian of your articles from a site and to publish them at a noncommercial Russian-speaking
    internet-forum? References to you and an initial site I will necessarily specify.

    WBR Andrew,
    Orel, Russia

  2. No problem! If you'd like to see a particular fly SBS, just let me know. Id be happy to do it. Thanks for checking out my site.

  3. What do you plan on doing with 100 of those, a redbreast fishing competition haha

  4. Haha. If I kept all these I would have enough ant flies for my lifetime. I actually ended up donating them to Casting for Recovery.