Sunday, January 15, 2012


One of the flies my guide told me to tie for my upcoming trip is an old school fly called the seaducer. I don't have a have a good supply of hackle right now so I worked with what I had to make some seaducers. The most common and classic is the Red/White seaducer which I have a few of. This is a variation on the classic.


Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 1/0
Tail: Black bucktail and rainbow krystal flash under purple marabou and black saddle hackle
Body: Black saddle hackle
Thread: 3/0 Black

Step 1: Start thread on hook near hook bend. Tie in small clump of black bucktail twice the length of the hook. Use 1 piece of krystal flash folded in half on each side of the hook.

Step 2: Select 2-3 saddle hackle for each side of the hook. The hackle should be 2-2.5 times the size of the hook. (personal preference). Tie in and use some head cement. Sorry I did not take a picture at this step. Missed it!

Step 3: Select a long marabou quill with a semi soft stem. Tie in at base of saddle hackle and palmer forward while stroking the feathers back after each winding. Tie off and apple head cement.

Step 4: Tie in 3 saddle hackle at base of palmered marbou. Advance thread forward. Palmer 2 hackles forward and tie off. Next palmer the last saddle hackle forward and tie off.

Step 5: Form nice head on fly.Whip finish and head cement.

Its certainly not the best seaducer ever made but it should catch some fish. One thing I have learned since I started tying is good hackle makes all the difference. These were strung saddle hackle which aren't straight and they don't marry well. Till the next time!

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