Thursday, January 12, 2012

CCT Body Fur

While rifling through my fly tying material I came across a small plastic bag with some "furry" stuff in it labeled CCT Body fur. I presume from the writing on the bag it came out of a saltwater fly tying kit I purchased a while back. In any case, I am curious what this stuff is for so I do what most do and I google it. I found myself on the Strip Strike Charters website where they have tying instructions for a fly called the "The Mad Pumpkin". In this fly they used a similar looking body fiber so I decided to give it a go. Mine is targeting really whatever wants to eat it. I would consider it a bait fish pattern. It is quite a bit smaller (1/0 compared to 3/0) then the Mad Pumpkin Fly its modeled after. Here is my first Step-by-Step (SBS). Enjoy.


Hook-Gamakatsu SL12S 1/0
Thread- Orvis Chartreuse G.S.P. thread
Tail- Rabbit Zonker Strip, Chartruese
Flash- Pearl Flashabou
Body- Chartreuse Marabou, Palmered
Head- CCT Body Fur, Purple

Step 1: Start thread halfway between hook eye and barb and work back to just before the bend

Step 2: Tie in  piece of zonker strip and a couple strands of pearl flashabou, length as desired. Note-I used regular zonker strip, magnum zonker would probably be better. Apply a dab of glue to base.

Step 3: Tie in a large and fairly pliable marabou feather and palmer forward, remembering to stroke fibers back as you move the feather forward. Tie off and coat base with glue.

Step 4: Cut piece of CCT body fur and tie onto base of marabou. The piece I used was about 4" long. Palmer forward while stroking body fibers back.

Step 5: Tie off body fur and form a head. Whip finish and glue.

Couple side notes. I didn't care too much for the CCT body fur. Maybe in a different situation. I will be trying this fly again using congo hair for the head portion. I am thinking it will be better. Until next time..

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